Sunday, August 12, 2018

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

1 July 2018

Entrance O Christ the healer
Penitential Rite At the table of the Lord (Collegeville)
Gloria At the table of the Lord (Collegeville)
Psalm 29 I will praose you Lord (Paul Inwood)
Gospel Acclamation (Murray)
Preparation of Gifts Healer of our every ill (Marty Haugen)
Eucharistic Acclamations Missal
Lamb of God Nores (mtgf)
Communion Antiphon Bless the Lord (mtgf)
Communion Centre of my life (Paul Inwood)
Final Now thanks we all our God

For the Summer months I do a monthly Mass leaflet, quite a squeeze when there are 5 weeks. It has the same as the weekly leaflet: Kyrie, Gloria, Readings with reference and caption, psalm response, Eucharistic Acclamations, Lamb of God and Communion antiphon. As they are used over a number of Sundays I have noticed that people turn to the Liturgy of the Word but do not turn the page back for the Eucharistic Acclamations - because they are known. I also use one Memorial Acclamation per month - July is C (so that August this year will be B When we eat this Bread. One final comment about the leaflet is that I rarely put the music for the Gospel Acclamation in - partly because of space but also an assumption that this is something people should know.

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