Monday, May 7, 2018

4th Sunday of Easter

22 April 2018

Entrance At the Lamb's high feast
Penitential Rite Lux et origo (mtgf)
Gloria Mass of Wisdom (Steven Janco)
Psalm 117 The stone which the builders (mtgf)
Gospel Acclamation Celtic (O'Carroll/Walker)
Preparation of Gifts Shepherd me, O God (Marty Haugen)
Eucharistic Acclamations Mass of Wisdom (Steven Janco)
Lamb of God Lux et origo (mtgf)
Communion Antiphon The Good Shepherd has risen (mtgf)
Communion Shepherd of souls
Final Hail Redeemer

Shepherd of souls was new to us - though sung to Neumark, a fine chorale melody. It felt that it could do with an arrangement by Charles Wood (see Good Friday) to become a 'hymn concertato'

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