Sunday, June 9, 2013

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

9 June 2013

EntranceO changeless Christ
Penitential RiteAt the Table of the Lord (Collegeville Composers Group)
GloriaAt the Table of the Lord (Collegeville Composers Group)
Psalm 29I will praise you, Lord (Paul Inwood)
Gospel AcclamationAlleluia (Murray)
Profession of FaithCredo III
Preparation of GiftsHealer of our every ill (Marty Haugen)
Eucharistic AcclamationsMissal
Lamb of GodLuton (mtgf)
Communion AntiphonThe Lord is my rock (mtgf)
CommunionEye has not seen (Marty Haugen)
FinalPraise we our God with joy

This week is a good example of where the first reading is a mirror of the gospel - what Elijah did Jesus now does. This was one of those occasions when hearing the word made more sense than just looking at it because the focus of the story moves away from the child. Or to repeat a question I sometimes ask - who is singing the psalm response? Who should my 'I' identify with/ (This is also the 3rd time we have sung this psalm in almost as many months and the context has been slightly different each time.

What we sang spoke of healing but not of raising from the dead - or perhaps more importantly of giving life both to the child and to the widow.

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