Sunday, September 11, 2011

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

11 September 2011

EntranceLove is his word
Penitential RiteSt Gabriels (mtgf)
GloriaSt Gabriels (mtgf)
Psalm 102The Lord is compassion (mtgf)
Gospel AcclamationSalisbury (Christopher Walker)
Preparation of GiftsNot for tongues (Michael Joncas)
Eucharistic AcclamationsCreation (Marty Haugen)
Lamb of GodSt Gabriels (mtgf)
CommunionNow we remain (David Haas)
FinalSing of the Lord's Goodness

As the new term begins I am aware that in year A, and I think Year C, we get a series of readings about sin and repentance. It is interesting to stay faithful to the readings and yet provide music which is attractive and welcoming. As there are a number of visitors today and on the same principal as last week that new translation is enough to worry about the hymns war chosen from among the familiar. My impression was that we spoke the text well. The revised Gloria is slightly throwing people as part of the way I have dealt with longer text is to make the initial refrain cover the first paragraph rather than just repeating the first line. I suspect we will get there. In a similar way we have repeated the Memorial Acclamation for last week and this but I think we shall just go straight in. I am aware that I would like people to know more than just one acclamation.

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