Sunday, September 12, 2010

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

12 September 2010

EntranceThere's wideness in God's mercy (FW Faber)
Penitential RiteSt Gabriel (mtgf)
GloriaSt Gabriel (mtgf)
Psalm 50I will leave this place (mtgf)
Gospel AcclamationAlleluia Beati (Christopher Walker)
Preparation of GiftsOut of the depths (Scott Soper)
Eucharistic AcclamationsCreation (Marty Haugen)
Lamb of GodSt Gabriel (mtgf)
CommunionWord of God (Quinn/Bach)
FinalPraise my soul the King of heaven

The psalm response is a quotation from the Gospel — the words of the prodigal son. Though both first reading and gospel are about God's mercy the protagonists are different. Moses is seeking mercy for the people of Israel: Have mercy on them perhaps. I am not sure what other examples there are in the Sunday lectionary where the psalm is more (directly) linked to the gospel.

God's mercy permeated the other choices. A penitential psalm at the Preparation of the Gifts — Psalm 129. I decided to choose the first response: Out of the depths rather God of compassion partly because we rarely cry from the depths preferring softer images and seems to me to be occasionally appropriate to give people these words. A second reason was that the second response is not in the hymn book.

I am always struck by the directness of the language of There's a wideness in God's mercy. It is a skill to convey meaning succinctly within one line of a verse. It was also nice to sing some Faber this week as I am sure we shall sing some Newman next week. Word of God was also partly chosen in preparation for later this week. We began with the chorale prelude before singing the hymn. Putting the two side by side it was possible to hear the link between the two of them.

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