Monday, April 22, 2019

Maundy Thursday

18 April 2019

Entrance For God so loved the world (mtgf)
Penitential Rite Missa Ubi Caritas (Bob Hurd)
Gloria Mass of Wisdom (Steve Janco)
Psalm 15 The blessing cup (mtgf)
Gospel Acclamation Lenten (mtgf)
Washing of the feet Faith, hope and love (Christopher Walker)
Preparation of Gifts I give to you a new commandment (Peter Nardone)
Eucharistic Acclamations Missa Ubi Caritas (Bob Hurd)
Lamb of God Missa Ubi Caritas (Bob Hurd)
Communion Antiphon This is my body (mtgf)
Communion Take and eat (Michael Joncas)
Procession Pange lingua (Ricky Manalo)
Watching Tantum ergo (chant)
Stay with me (Taizé)

After singing it through this Lent and previous I wonder whether the congregation has 'caught' the Eucharistic Acclamations from Missa Ubi Caritas. If I were rationalise this - or at least guess - I would suggest that unaccompanied with attempted harmonies may not be that clear. I also have a theory that a congregation latches on to a key voice which when it sings another part diverts the attention. A further issues us about how it starts. Though not in the current published score the Sanctus presumes a sung preface. In its absence how does the congregation know when and where to come in without a played introduction. About the 4th Sunday I start singing an intonation - which then threw the singers and added another Sanctus. What I like about the setting is the contrast of the simplicity of the melody and the interest of the harmony. So maybe something different next year.

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  1. For unaccompanied congregational pieces, I've found there can be enough of a 'rhythm' in the giving of a note by the organ, a beat's rest and then coming in; as long as you stick to the same pattern every time. If the congregation aren't taking to it, perhaps revert to unison for a while? The Missa UC Sanctus is a tricky one for congregations, all the same - melisma can only ever be a challenge!