Sunday, December 2, 2018

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

14 October 2018

Entrance All my hope on God
Penitential Rite St Gabriel (mtgf)
Gloria Angels and Saints (Steven Janco)
Psalm 89 Fill us with your love (mtgf)
Gospel Acclamation Salisbury Alleluia (Christopher Walker)
Preparation of Gifts The love of the Lord (Michael Joncas)
Eucharistic Acclamations Creation (Marty Haugen)
Lamb of God Angels and Saints (Steven Janco)
Communion Antiphon The rich suffer want (mtgf)
Communion Song of wisdom (Patrick Loomis)
Final Lord of creation

It is a while since we have sung a Song of Wisdom. It has a fluidity about the melody, and almost 'dutch' (e.g. Huijbers) if perhaps over arranged.

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