Sunday, January 26, 2014

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

26 January 2014

EntranceAll that is hidden
Penitential RiteSt Gabriel (mtgf)
GloriaNewman (James MacMillan)
Psalm 26The Lord is my light (mtgf)
Gospel AcclamationAlleluia Beati (Christopher Walker)
Preparation of GiftsLord, you come to the seashore (Gabarain)
Eucharistic AcclamationsSt Annes (James MacMillan)
Lamb of GodNewman (James MacMillan)
Communion AntiphonI am the light of the world (mtgf)
CommunionOut of Darkness (Christopher Walker)
FinalChurch of God, elect and glorious

One of the effects of a through-sung Gloria is that it takes quite a bit of space on the service sheet. Usually we have an A5 sheet with Mass parts, psalms response, antiphon and references to the readings; this is used alongside the hymnbook. Currently we have a folded A4 sheet and therefore it contains all sung texts and hymn books are not given out. This actually meant that people had the refrain of All that is hidden but not the verses and there was no space for Lord, you have come. Long term readers of this blog may have noted that I like to adapt to changing resources (i.e. if someone is unable to come on Sunday) I therefore appreciate the flexibility that sheet and hymn book bring — whatever the resources we can usually manage Mass parts, psalm etc.

Today was a good example of a prophetic text in the first reading being quoted in the Gospel — it made an interesting start to our use of Matthew's Gospel in Ordinary Time, Christ as the fulfilment of the scriptures.

Last week, this and next, there is a lot of light around. The congregation got a double whammy of 1 Peter inspired texts at the end of Mass. The Seddon text is beautifully crafted and fits Blaenwern well. I have decided to resurrect Out of Darkness. It is a long time since we have done it — we used to sing it at the end of the Easter Vigil and I would like to try that again and so you will see a number of times over the coming weeks.

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