Friday, March 2, 2012

1st Sunday of Lent

26 February 2012

EntranceFor God so loved the world (mtgf)
Penitential RiteMissa Ubi Caritas (Bob Hurd)
Psalm 24Your ways, O Lord (mtgf)
Gospel AcclamationLenten (mtgf)
Preparation of GiftsMiserere (Lotti)
Eucharistic AcclamationsMissa Ubi Caritas (Bob Hurd)
Lamb of GodMissa Ubi Caritas (Bob Hurd)
Communion Out into the wilderness (Bob Hurd)
FinalGuide me, O thou great Redeemer ( )

Lent always marks a complete change of music and the return of the familiar. Missa Ubi Caritas is another revised setting. Because of its chant character the changes seem mostly to slip in easily. We had not used the Lamb of God before. This is now the second ordinary we are singing complete. I am not sure whether this is about ease or quality. For the record we also began to use the Apostles' Creed today.

The opening chant is not new, I think it is now 4 years old, however I decided to change the verses. Before they had been a chorale-like with a different set of verses for each week reflecting the scriptures. Now a more lyrical melody and psalm verses. My thought is one psalm per year - to reflect the broad theme of the Lectionary: Initiation, Covenant, Repentance. We shall see how plan B works.

If I had thought beforehand I might have added some verses from Psalm 50 after the Miserere to lengthen it - it was a good idea too late. We are using the revised Grail Psalter for the responsorial psalms this Lent. Adapting pre-existing settings rather than starting anew. 1 week in and starting anew might be easier. What seems to be a hallmark of the version is that it adds in lines or extra accented clauses which break the regular rhythm. Today's setting was 'Gelineau-esque' but it was struggle to get all the words in at some points. A matter for Lenten reflection.


  1. An oddity about the Lotti is that so many editions (including all three at CPDL) only reproduce the first 20-something bars, 'ending' in a different key from the beginning. The original is about ten times longer! We sang it last year in instalments (Ash Wednesday and then two Sundays, if memory serves). I'm not sure I really enjoyed it - it's long and rambling and you never quite come back to anything you've sung before. But on the plus side it would have solved your problem regarding further verses of Ps 50!

  2. I think in the back of my mind was your marathon last year. I suspect the popularity of the first section is partly because it is a 'poor-man's' Lotti Crucifixus a 8!