Sunday, June 27, 2010

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

27 June 2010

EntranceBrother, sister let me serve you (Gilliard)
Penitential RiteSt Gabriel (mtgf)
GloriaJeanne Jugan Gloria (Christopher Walker)
Psalm 15O Lord, you are my portion (mtgf)
Gospel AcclamationAlleluia (Murray)
Preparation of GiftsTravelling the road to freedom (John Bell)
Eucharistic AcclamationsNo Greater Love (Michael Joncas)
Lamb of GodSt Gabriel (mtgf)
CommunionCentre of my life (Paul Inwood)
FinalHe who would valiant (Dearmer after Bunyan)

When we first used Brother, sister let me serve you, apart from the first line being different, it was a choir piece. Now it is sung by all and proved a fitting hymn to begin this morning. In a similar way I am sure that 3 years ago we used Centre of my life for the responsorial psalm. This year I provided a setting and so we used Inwood's setting at Communion. I do find the response slightly opaque. Is the Lord all that I need or my future? The immediate though I am afraid is fish and chips. Partly because of this I included the rest of the line in the psalm and the next line as well.

Travelling the road to freedom picked up the gospel — Jesus resolutely taking the road for Jerusalem. It is often understood as the turning point in the narrative of synoptic gospels — Jesus moves towards his passion and death. In Luke others want to follow but do not have the courage. The song by John Bell picks up the motif of travelling the road, of the coming passion and the challenge of the invitation to follow. I was surprised that the strong harmony with its succession of dissonances would work with a reduction to our usual 3 parts but I think it did.

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