Sunday, May 1, 2011

2nd Sunday of Easter

1 May 2011

EntranceO Sons and daughters
GloriaGlory to God (Berthier)
Psalm 118 Give thanks to the Lord, alleluia (Collegeville)
Gospel AcclamationCeltic (O'Carroll/Walker)
Preparation of GiftsPut your hand here, Thomas (Collegeville)
Eucharistic AcclamationsGathering (Paul Inwood)
Lamb of God (Berthier)
CommunionOne in body, heart and mind (Christopher Walker)
FinalO sons and daughters

A Sunday with a rich variety of themes - and as I listened to the readings even more were apparent. We went with Thomas. I am not sure if the language of 'Put you hand here, Thomas' is not a little direct but it suited out low week forces this morning. We divided the hymn into two parts singing verses 4-7 which tell of Thomas' encounter with Jesus at the beginning and then verses 8-9 at the end which rounded of the celebration nicely - Blessed are those who believe. Using the same hymn at beginning and end had a certain simplicity and we also had to be finished promptly as the local parish was borrowing the chapel for their First Holy Communions afterwards.

One in Body not only was an echo of the Vigil but also picked up on the reading from Acts.

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